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How Kiri Bamboo makes custom-made bamboo furniture (Part 1)

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

To create a superb piece of furniture from bamboo takes many days and efforts to reach a desirable result.

First step is to find the right solution for a potential client. Usually we discuss with clients about their ideas for furniture design and check if we have something similar in our stock or from previous orders to showcase. Sometimes clients wish for an exclusively new piece of furniture or something that we haven’t made before. In such cases we are asking them to provide some drawings or photos for our reference and see what we can do with our bamboo in Cambodia.

We cannot guarantee that we can truly imitate an exact look or design from such references as there are numerous bamboo species around the World that provide a diverse range of appearances and forms that can be recreated only with a specific bamboo species… and we are talking here more than 1000 species of bamboo around the World!

Moreover, often clients see some beautiful piece of furniture on the Internet and think that it is made from bamboo, while in reality it could be made from rattan, wood or other natural materials.

The example of furniture made of rattan, not from bamboo (Photo by Kiri Bamboo)

One more thing, as our bamboo furniture is made by hands of Cambodian craftsmen, we need to explain to customers the difference between machine pre-fabricated furniture and custom-made furniture. With custom-made furniture, we have limitations in terms of quality as our furniture cannot look perfectly sleek and geometrically impeccable as it can be in case of machine-made furniture. But our crafted furniture has a unique artisan spirit with all its unevenness and imperfections. It’s maybe not for everyone but it’s definitely for people who love the natural look of bamboo.

The example of pre-fabricated (machine-made) furniture (Photo by Kiri Bamboo)

After all design discussions are settled with a client and we feel positively that we can take the order, we move to a next step which is a choice of bamboo species, a confirmation of furniture measurements and specifications and a preparation of quotation, which we will continue to explore in the second part of this blog series.

Stay tuned!


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