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How Kiri Bamboo makes custom-made bamboo furniture (Part 3)

As promised in our last post, we are taking the real case of a bamboo master bed to demonstrate the production stage of furniture making in Kiri Bamboo. For this particular bamboo bed, the client chose the design of our previous sample bed with some modifications like making the headboard higher and adding bamboo slats for mattress support.

Firstly the craftsmen team selected big diameter bamboo poles for the whole bed frame. Then they started to make required measurements and scrap off an outer skin from bamboo poles to have more uniformed color and even surface. It is a very labor intensive process and it is up to clients if they wish to clean the outer skin layer from bamboo poles for their final products.

Scraping an outer layer of bamboo skin (Photo by Kiri Bamboo)

Next step was to cover the internal holes of bamboo poles and prepare a set of bamboo pins to connect the whole bed together. Since a bamboo master bed is a big piece of furniture, it requires many bamboo pins and smaller diameter poles to assemble the bed.

Preparing bamboo pins (Photo by Kiri Bamboo)

After that the team tested to assemble the bed and checked all measurements to finish other bed details. Connecting bamboo slats for mattress support was the next step. A final assemble took place after that to confirm that all bed parts are fitted together.

Testing bed by assembling (Photo by Kiri Bamboo)

Finally the bed was dismantled in order to deliver it to the client’s location. Since a bamboo master bed is a rather big piece of furniture it’s often difficult to deliver the whole bed in one piece. Therefore some members of our team need to travel together with the final product for assembling.

Assembling bamboo bed at the client's house (Photo by Kiri Bamboo)

Here is a master bamboo bed in its final assembled state in the client’s house. The client was very happy with the final product and we hope that our bamboo bed will serve our client many years ahead.

Assembled bamboo bed (Photo by Kiri Bamboo)

As one can see, the production of this bed took many steps and a lot of dedication from our craftsmen. As Kiri Bamboo pursues to deliver the best value of our products and takes seriously the quality of our bamboo, we hope that each client that comes to us will appreciate our efforts and commitment to bring our love for bamboo in the lives of all people in Cambodia and beyond.

Peace and love!


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